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Topics for quiz 2
Cause and effect essay

  1. Why so few students read newspapers.
  2. Why many adults enjoy animated movies.
  3. The effects of stress on students in high school or college
  4. The effects of moving to a new town or city
  5. Why growing numbers of people shop online

Process analysis essay
1. How to choose a major
2. How to succeed in college
3. How to kick a bad habit

4. How to overcome insomnia

Topics for Quiz 1 20%:
  • You are about to enter the university. You've visited a lot of open days and you are not quite sure about your ultimate decision. There are two major universities you like most. Compare OR contrast everything you've heard and everything you know about these two educational establishments.
  • You are going to study in the US. You don't know anything about the educational system in this country. You decide to approach to this question seriously, as your future depends directly on your choice. You try to get to know more about the educational system in the USA. You haven't decided yet whether you are ready to leave your native country. Compare and contrast educational systems in America and Saudi Arabia.
  • Rate your favorite TV programs according to your personal likes or dislikes.
  • Rate airlines from best to worst leaning on your personal experience.
  • Rate search engines from best to worst based on your search experience.


Critical thinking

Fact and opinion,6,Question,8,You


Inference vs. Observation,17,Questions


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Reading for writing

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Summary guidelines

How to write a summary
**Summary articles

General Essay outline and Template
Title "The Benefits of Running"

I. Introduction

A. Running is a great form of exercise because it helps people control their weight, develop muscles, and improves mental and physical performance.

II. Body

A. Weight control

      1. Aids self-control

      2. Burns calories

      3. Encourages a healthy diet

      4. Suppresses appetite

B. Muscular Development

      1. Improves tone

      2. Enhances contours

      3. Increases strength

      4. Improves endurance

C. Psychological well-being

      1. Aids sleep

      2. Inhibits depression

      3. Intensifies vitality

III. Conclusion

    1. Benefits of running make it an excellent exercise.

    2. People who want to improve their health should consider running

.Argumentative essay Template
Try to find out the outline for the argumentative essay by looking at this sample essay. Identify the main parts of the essay first (Introduction (thesis), Body, and Conclusion. Then, identify the parts of the body in terms of claim, support, and refutation. Finally, explain the purpose of the 4th paragraph and the parts of the conclusion.